Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1990 Trek 330

1990 Trek 330 bike we refurbished here at Bike Boom. If your'e not familiar, Bike Boom is a used bike shop in Davis square, on the border of Cambridge and Somerville , near Boston MA. where we specialize in restoring and refurbishing used and vintage bikes and offer professional bike repair services.
Here's the original brochure from vintage-trek.com a great website for info on classic steel treks.
We replaced the rear wheel, seat, bottom bracket, crankset (shimano 105) and the brake hoods and the standard stuff, tires, brake pads, chain and cables. it has a nice indexed handlebar shifter which was popular in that era and works great, I wish we could get these today. Even though it was is an entry level trek, it has  a Tange chromoly double butted frame.It is very light and nimble and gives a great ride especially due to the upgraded crankset. It was bought by a guy who's girlfriend bought a road bike from us earlier in the season. really nice couple. 

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