Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gary Fisher Tassajara

Early nineties Gary Fisher Tassajara Mountain bike

This was a really fast, mid end cross country machine at it's time. It has a very light chromoly frame and shimano STX discontinued group, it was under the deore LX, Deore XT and XTR.
Made by Gary fisher which, at that time was still not sold to Trek. All the fisher bikes had a Hale of quality, being designed by the man who basically invented mountain bikes
the derailleur is very similar in design to the Shimano RSX road Group.
has Shimano rapid fire 3x7 speed integrated with cantilever brakes. 
we received it in mint condition and was bought for a freshmen student in Harvard by her father and mother.
The bike is all original and apart from tuning it up and a couple of cables we didn't really have to do much to it.
we have many more mountain bikes in our archives which we will share with you as the bike boom Blog continues.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giant Quasar road bike

Mid-late 80's Giant Quasar. A super nice 10 speed (actually 12 speed) we had in the store earlier this year. had very low miles on it, we gave it a tune up and replaced cables and bar tape. Great paint. Has indexed suntour shifters, derailers and a sugino crank. 
This is one of the first giant branded bikes after giant stopped producing bikes for schwinn.
In the early 80's schwinn hired giant, which was a tiny bicycle company in taiwan, to manufacture light weight bikes for them. before that panasonic made bikes for schwinn. By the mid 80's schwinn was in bad economic shape and moved production back to the US. Giant, which was a huge factory by then, had the knowledge and started producing light weight bikes under their own name.
Today, Giant is the 2nd largest bicycle manufacture in the world, Merida being the largest.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Benotto triathlon

Beautiful Benotto triathlon. this one has an intereting mix of parts, dia comp 500 brakes, and suntour ARX derailers. beautiful lugged oval frame construction. we had another one, earlier this year which came with Modolo brakes and rare suntour SVX indexed derailers. Benotto was an italian company that moved production to Mexico, where this bike was made. Even though it was made of HI ten steel , its suprisingly light and weighs like a typical double butted chromoly frame. Also has a nice dia comp stem, which I've only seen on a Soma before. Received a complete overhaul and a new rear wheel since the original had a rusted nipple and a flat spot. even though it was probably made between 1983-1985 it had 700c wheels. Brand new CST Czar tires as well.

1974 Fuji Tourer

1974 Fuji Tourer. Original brochure is available at, a great website with all the catalogs until they moved production from japan to taiwan in the early 90's
A very early Fuji with cottered cranks from the 1973-1975 bike boom. We completely overhauled it with brand new alloy rims (originally came with chromed steel rims). we also replaced the fork with a new Tange fork since the original was slightly bent. New tires, tubes, cables, brake pads, chain, 5 speed freewheel and handlebar tape We sold it to a nice guy who bought a "not so great" schwinn on the boston craigslist which wasn't in his size and needed tons of work and parts.
The original paint job is very unique and was in great shape. has suntour gt and suntour spirit derailers and shifters and weinman center pull brakes.
80's and late 70's fuji are still readily available but the early ones are pretty rare. this one is the oldest we had in the shop. Fujis were always better made than other ten speed and together with the miyata brand had the best frames and paint jobs of the era, in my opinion.
here are other fujis,a mid 80's del rey  and a 1980 gran tourer SE mixte we have posted on our blog.  

Dawes Galaxy

Dawes galaxy that came into the shop as a trade for a motobecane fixed gear / single speed a few months ago. Has Reynolds 531 tubing with ornate lugs, very light bike. we put new continental tires, new lines (cables and housings), new brake pads, handlebar tape and gave it a full tune up. Pretty rare english made bike which was privately imported from the UK. has suntour ARX parts.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

1980 Fuji grand tourer SE Mixte

Fuji grand tourer SE mixte, here's the original brochure from : 
completely original apart from the handlebar tape.Came in to the shop in really good shape, has new tires, tubes handlebar tape and cables.
has suntour comp v and vxs derailers, original ukai chrome rims, beautiful fuji branded sugino crank, nitto bars with a women's specific saddle. 

1989 Fuji Ace

1989 Fuji Ace 60cm, completely original. Has suntour Edge  components with 4130 chromoly double butted ishiwata lugged frame.A very fast bike, pretty unique since it has the same geometry as the fuji team and club bikes but with lower end components.
A classy 10 speed (actually has 12 speeds...) from the golden era of steel road bikes, even has the aero brake levers to complete the clean look. 

Concord freedom 12 deluxe

Concord freedom deluxe 10 speed. originally had steel rims which we upgraded to alloy rims.
beautiful paint and detail, has an interesting Alloy shimano Selecta crank which is held on by one screw only.
has an aftermarket fork. we gave it new cables, tires, handlebar tape and brake pads.
Rides very well. These are not to common and apart from this model we have also serviced the Mixte version which had better suntour ARX components. Made in early to mid 80's