Friday, October 14, 2011

1974 Fuji Tourer

1974 Fuji Tourer. Original brochure is available at, a great website with all the catalogs until they moved production from japan to taiwan in the early 90's
A very early Fuji with cottered cranks from the 1973-1975 bike boom. We completely overhauled it with brand new alloy rims (originally came with chromed steel rims). we also replaced the fork with a new Tange fork since the original was slightly bent. New tires, tubes, cables, brake pads, chain, 5 speed freewheel and handlebar tape We sold it to a nice guy who bought a "not so great" schwinn on the boston craigslist which wasn't in his size and needed tons of work and parts.
The original paint job is very unique and was in great shape. has suntour gt and suntour spirit derailers and shifters and weinman center pull brakes.
80's and late 70's fuji are still readily available but the early ones are pretty rare. this one is the oldest we had in the shop. Fujis were always better made than other ten speed and together with the miyata brand had the best frames and paint jobs of the era, in my opinion.
here are other fujis,a mid 80's del rey  and a 1980 gran tourer SE mixte we have posted on our blog.  

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  1. i have one in good condition was wondering how much u think its worth...similar to the pic