Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giant Quasar road bike

Mid-late 80's Giant Quasar. A super nice 10 speed (actually 12 speed) we had in the store earlier this year. had very low miles on it, we gave it a tune up and replaced cables and bar tape. Great paint. Has indexed suntour shifters, derailers and a sugino crank. 
This is one of the first giant branded bikes after giant stopped producing bikes for schwinn.
In the early 80's schwinn hired giant, which was a tiny bicycle company in taiwan, to manufacture light weight bikes for them. before that panasonic made bikes for schwinn. By the mid 80's schwinn was in bad economic shape and moved production back to the US. Giant, which was a huge factory by then, had the knowledge and started producing light weight bikes under their own name.
Today, Giant is the 2nd largest bicycle manufacture in the world, Merida being the largest.

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