Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gary Fisher Tassajara

Early nineties Gary Fisher Tassajara Mountain bike

This was a really fast, mid end cross country machine at it's time. It has a very light chromoly frame and shimano STX discontinued group, it was under the deore LX, Deore XT and XTR.
Made by Gary fisher which, at that time was still not sold to Trek. All the fisher bikes had a Hale of quality, being designed by the man who basically invented mountain bikes
the derailleur is very similar in design to the Shimano RSX road Group.
has Shimano rapid fire 3x7 speed integrated with cantilever brakes. 
we received it in mint condition and was bought for a freshmen student in Harvard by her father and mother.
The bike is all original and apart from tuning it up and a couple of cables we didn't really have to do much to it.
we have many more mountain bikes in our archives which we will share with you as the bike boom Blog continues.
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