Sunday, February 19, 2012

1974 Gios Torino Super Record Revisited

1974 Gios Torino super record we sold here at Bike Boom. If your'e not familiar, Bike Boom is a used bike shop in Davis square, on the border of Cambridge and Somerville , near Boston MA. where we specialize in restoring and refurbishing used and vintage bikes and offer professional bicycle repair services
As you might remember we sold this gios torino super record wit full campagnolo nuovo record in "as is" condition. A few weeks later, the new owner, Adam has dropped by with the Gios torino super record after a good cleaning and a few updates. 
A new brooks saddle, tape, cables a new freewheel and reproduction campagnolo hoods have been added and according to Adam the ride is very enjoyable. Even though most of our customers are looking for solid, ready to ride commuters we are going to add more vintage high end road bikes to our collection and make an effort to stock them more regularly as the Cambridge, Somerville and Boston crowd , has an ongoing interest in these amazing riding machines.

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