Saturday, February 11, 2012

1984 Fuji Espree

1984 Fuji Espree we refurbished here at Bike Boom. If your'e not familiar, Bike Boom is a used bike shop in Davis square, on the border of Cambridge and Somerville , near Boston MA. where we specialize in restoring and refurbishing used and vintage bikes and offer professional bicycle repair services.
I love mint bikes. Who wouldn't? they are time capsules that create a clash between reality that surrounds you and what your eyes are actually viewing. Obviously, you need to know what your'e looking at. Today we have a mint condition1984 fuji Espree. I bought this bike together with a mint shape peugeot mixte, belonged to an elderly couple near Worcester MA. The 1984 Fuji Espree requiered a good cleaning, quick tune up and replacement of cables, tires, brake pads and tape to bring it from the basement it was housed for the last 28 years back to the 21st century.
It didn't have a scratch on it and the fuji decals were still shining and intact. 
The 1984 Fuji Espree was a mid end sport-touring model, just under the Fuji Del Rey. It had the fuji valite tubing in the triple butted variation which means the tubes are made to have 3 different widths, the thickest near the joints (lugs) and the thinest in the center of the tube where the stress in minimal. this allows for a light weight frame in comparison to a straight gauge tubing. The 1984 fuji espree has suntour ARX component throughiut and one of the nicest shifter levers in my opinion which cast aluminum and have a ratchet action. I used the classic Fuji website to distinguish between the 1984, 1985 and 1983 models as they had the samecolor and components but different decals from the 1983 and different tubing from the 1985.
the Fuji Espree was sold to a young women who fell in love with it, didn't even want to try another one.
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  1. Beautiful work! I am getting a Fuji Espree Mixte in a couple of days. Any suggestions in how to clean it and try to make it look new? Thanks!

  2. Awsome work! My only comment would be somewhat of cosmetic nature. I think white or yellow brake cables would pop-up nicely. Also I would try to match the colour of tyres side walls with the colour of the brake cables. The same goes for handlebar grips. Other than that my hat is off to you sir!
    keep up the good work! Cheers