Saturday, March 3, 2012

Late 70's or early 80's Puch Austro Daimler Pathfinder AD

Late 70's or early 80's Puch Austro Daimler Pathfinder AD we refurbished here at Bike Boom. If your'e not familiar, Bike Boom is a used bike shop in Davis square, on the border of Cambridge and Somerville , near Boston MA. where we specialize in restoring and refurbishing used and vintage bikes and offer professional bicycle repair services.
Puch was an Austrian company who manufactured scooters, motorcycles, cars and trucks, apart from bicycles of course. The 70's and very early 80's bikes were made in Austria and the mid 80's models were made in japan for Puch by Kuwahara and Araya. This Puch Pathfinder  AD carries the Austro Daimler and Steyr decals and is constructed of 2800 manganese steel tubing. According to this page with lots of  informtion on Puch and the austro daimler high end sub brand here   this Puch Pathfinder AD, was made in Austria and  carried the same look of the more expensive high end Austro daimler models crafted from reynolds 531, the Interten, ultima and Vent Noir. The frame was probably made anytime before 1979 but the components are Mid end Suntour AR which were only introduced in 1981. It might have had its original parts upgraded as by 1981 pathfinders were already made in japan and were of lower quality. We have also refurbished other Puch pathfinders, without the Austro daimler decals, made in the early and mid 80's by Araya and have steel rims and Hi-ten frames. Here's another puch we refurbished at Bike Boom.
this Austro daimler Pathfinder AD is size 19" or 48cm which is the smallest frame with full size wheels made in that era, they are hard to come by and usually sell very fast as they appeal to men and women as well though most of them are sold to women. This one was bought by a nice guy for his girlfriend as they were looking for a quality 10 speed in this size for quite some time and instantly fell in love with this mint bike.


  1. Where some of the Ted Williams Sig. bikes that Sears sold in the late 60s Puch? They are lite weight.Aluminum.I have a Gold color ted and enjoy the snappy frame.It really surprises me some times by these old- er bikes and how cool they really ride with very little upgrade or tlc can do.

  2. Puch bikes definitely built a lot of bikes for sears in the 70's not sure if they built the Ted Williams ones. they were all steel bikes though for sure. having friction shifting they are very easy to service. they are also very easy to upgrade and a lot of the modern parts fit them well.