Saturday, March 10, 2012

Late 80's Nishiki Century 1988 (?)

Nishiki Century road bike we refurbished here at Bike Boom. If your'e not familiar, Bike Boom is a used bike shop in Davis square, on the border of Cambridge and Somerville , near Boston MA. where we specialize in restoring and refurbishing used and vintage bikes and offer professional bicycle repair services
The Nishiki Century was in great condition when we got it. we replaced the original dry tires to a couple of miss matched lightly used tires and left the original tape in order to offer the bike for a lower price.The cables and brake pads were replaced as well but the bike had been in an almost untouched condition, for some reason the Nishiki and century decals didn't survive but the paint was shiny without a single scratch. this was an early indexed bike from a 1987 or 1988 equipped with one of the first Suntour Accushift stem shifters.
there isn't much info on Nishiki models, mostly on the Nishiki brand , here's what I found, feel free to ad more in the comments. 1987 catalog shows a very similar bike but with friction shifters. so this one might be a later model (?). a nice wiki page discussing mostly the West coast cycles company which had the Nishiki bikes built imported from various manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan. An extensive Nishiki wiki style fanpage  and a vast collection Nishiki bike photos and some catalogs and also an extensive post from on Nishiki identification and serial numbers. Though this wasn't a complete refurb the girl who bought it was thrilled, she was looking for a ready to ride bike in a limited budget which didn't look too flashy, Boom, exactly what she wanted. 


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  1. I have a bike similar to this the front shifter cable snapped and needs replaced it measures about 39 inches in length not sure what i need to look for i a new cable for it