Sunday, November 13, 2011

1986 Nishiki Olympic

A very unique Nishiki olympic we refurbished here at bike boom. More information about nishiki here and here If you're not familiar, Bike boom is a used bicycles shop in somerville MA, close to Cambridge and Boston. the bike has a 27" rear wheel and 24" front wheel to accomodate the 46cm frame. In the late 80's and early 90's many small bikes were produced in this manner mainly because the lugs used to make the small bikes were identical to larger ones. the size of the frame would mainly change according to length of tube but the lugs dimensions and geometry remained the same. Since there is just not enough room and toe clearance for a standard size road wheel, builders had to use a smaller wheel. later, in the late 90's and today, the slanted top tube and compact design were introduced due to the enhanced use of TIG welding which allowed many more versatile bicycle geometries. Terry is also famous for using this funny bike or clown bike geometry and small front wheels as they were marketed for women who often need smaller sized bikes.

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