Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1977 Panasonic Sport

Beautiful 1977 Panasonic sport we refurbished at Bike boom. If your'e not familiar, Bike Boom is a Used bicycle shop in Davis square, In between Somerville and Cambridge close to Boston MA.
We specialize in restoring used and vintage bikes and mostly cater for the huge student and young professionals community in the area.
History of the Panasonic brand here and here from yellow jersey and japanese bikes in general from the great Sheldon brown.
A typical entry - mid level Japanese bike, this 10 speed Panasonic of the late 70's, has a Hi tensile lugged frame with a mix of steel and alloy components, Suntour shifters and derailers. We cleaned it, and refurbished with new tires, tubes, cables, handlebar tape and brake pads. when we were done with it It looked as if it just stepped out of the showroom. Panasonic was one of the leaders in the bicycle manufacturing industry and built bikes for the schwinn brand under the "world" sub brand. later , in the early 80's they were replaced by Giant. Panasonic still makes super high quality bikes which are relatively expensive to import to the states and are sought after by savvy cyclists.