Friday, November 18, 2011

Early 80's Peugeot Corbier

Beautiful Peugeot Corbier we refurbished at Bike Boom. If you're not familiar, bike boom is a used bike shop in Somerville MA, close to Cambridge and Boston. the frame is made of the proprietary 103 carbolite Peugeot used for the entry-mid level road bikes and was surprisingly light. the bicycle looks welded but as a matter of fact, its lugged with inner lugs, a technique other french manufacturers used, especially motobecane. This produces very clean joints.Equipped with Sachs shifters and derailers and a nice Nervar alloy crank and weinman side pull brake.

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  1. I recently acquired one of these that I'm interested in restoring. It needs a good cleaning, tyres, and brakes. Stem-mount gear selector seems in good, but will over haul. Do you know what values are like for these?