Friday, November 4, 2011

Mid nineties GT Force

Pretty rare bike from GT, before they were bought by Pacific who owns schwinn as well
GT were and still are well known for their unique looking triple triangle frames, featured on their mountain bikes.
Early welded aluminum triple triangle frame with an 80's road bike geometry and chromoly fork.
We refurbished it with new tires and tubes and new lines and were even able to find an original 3 speed RSX shifter since the one that came on it was broken. pretty common on Early shimano STI systems 
The bike has full Shimano RSX group, even the hubs. From an era where bikes were equipped with full groups from shimano, Not like nowadays where only the Derailers and sometimes the shifters are shimano and the rest is cheaper or lower quality brands, especially on the more expensive parts like the shifters and crankset. RSX was later discontinued and replaced by sora and tiagra which are of much less quality. 
RSX had also relatively small Chain rings, the largest being 46 teeth. 
We also installed the rack for the customer who was looking to replace a beat up Univega. 
A very nice and light bike overall. 

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