Friday, November 25, 2011

mid-late 70's Raleigh Sprite

Beautiful Raleigh sprite we refurbished at Bike Boom. If you are not familiar, Bike Boom is a used bike shop in Somerville MA, close to Cambridge and Boston. This bike was bought together with the men's version of this white elegant beauty. As sheldon brown says: The upright "all-rounder" handlebars, and mattress saddle made these something of a precursor of the modern "hybrid." but in fact these are relatively heavy bikes though steady and stable. Definitely one of the most elegant bikes I've seen. At some point in it's previous life Shifting was upgraded from clunky stem Shifters to early nineties thumb snifters, A trick we used on other sprites which modernizes them and creates a better user interaction. It's not a known fact but british raleighs had unique bottom bracket   thread per inch (TPI). Though there is a solution for the problem when you need to replace the bottom bracket or spindle, it still can slow down a project. We only buy when the bike is in excellent condition, meaning very low mile bike, such as this women Raleigh sprite example. Bought by a young Cambridge men as a gift to his girlfriend, super nice guys.  

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