Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jeunet Franche comte

Beautiful, mint condition, Jeunet franche comte. built in the early-mid seventies. Check out another french bike boom era bike we restored.
the bike is very light considering it has a steel frame and still rims. has the standard simplex derailers and sidepull brakes package that is so common on entry-mid level french bikes from the bike boom era. we usually dont sell older french bikes unless they are in excellent to mibnt condition, due to the problematic french bottom bracket issues, 
but this one was probably never ridden more than 100 miles in it's whole life. French ten speed bikes are among the most rare bikes right now since for a long time, french bottom bracket were un obtainable, thus every bike that showed up in a bike shop was scrapped. the ones you do manage to find are usually in great shape or mint, like this one. Today you can find s high quality french bottom bracket for at velo orange.  
The bike was fully tuned aup with tires, tubes, cables, Handlebar tape and brake pads,


  1. I assume this bike is sold?

  2. I have a nice red one for sale. Shamano Crane from and rear. New wheels and tires. Hasn't been ridden since the 70's. Got the new wheels put on. Rode it home about threee miles. My Tillly Hat blew down over my face going fast down a hill. Decided then and there I'd ride my Harley instead.......Ron